Many of the blogs I’ve seen from authors talk a lot about the mechanics of writing. They talk about the dos and don’ts, grammar, plot development and so on. This blog is not one of those. This blog, and the next several in this series are going to talk about my novel, A Dark Country, to give potential readers a little insight into the story and perhaps a little of the same into me and what makes me tick. What makes me tick is really what makes the story tick. And something you should know up front before we dive into this is that I am brutally honest. I’ve been accused of being brash, insensitive, harsh, and too much from time to time.  All of these are fair accusations. I often notice my wife, friends, and business associated hold their breath in apprehension of what is about to come out of my mouth when I open it at parties and public events. Most of the time I don’t make these honest statements out of meanness, it’s just that I hate untruths. So I will always do my best to be honest here, and in all my writing. With this little spiel on honesty said, I will be honest with you here and now. The reason I’m writing this blog is to promote A Dark Country and the novel I am currently writing, and the works that will follow. I want you to buy my book, at least ten thousand of you, maybe more. How is that for honest?

Conversely, I don’t want you to buy my book-at least not if you aren’t going to like it.  I don’t want you to waste your time or your money. And while I can be brutally honest, I am also a sensitive, compassionate person. At least I think I am.

I’ve heard it said that there’s a saddle for every ass, and an ass for every saddle. I don’t see how stories are any different. Most stories won’t appeal to everybody. My book is no different, it won’t appeal to everybody.

If you are a member of PETA or have a stack of self help books next to your bed, A Dark Country probably is not for you. But maybe. Some vegans may not like this book but a couple vegans have read it and did like it. If you dislike female characters with a strong will and a “take no shit” attitude you might not like it. If you dislike men with the same attitude then you will be disappointed also.

If you like literate thrillers you may well like this book. If you like horses, the Rocky Mountain West, or Montana, you might like this book. If you like stories that take a look at the dark side that lives inside most people and lays dormant until some event draws it out, you may like A Dark Country. If you are a hunter, fisherman, or lover of nature and wild places this novel may be for you. If you liked Lord of the Flies, Heart of Darkness, or Legends of the Fall, you might like this novel. Honestly, I’m NOT trying to put A Dark Country on a shelf next to these timeless pieces of literature; I’m just saying that these three titles are among many of my favorite stories. I like them very much, and I like A Dark Country too.

Next time I will give away a little more about the plots and themes of story.